Facilits fund and Discovered

XAMA FINANCE BANK offers ease cash to meet your temporary cash needs read your current activity and dcoulant of dcalages between revenue and expenditure.


XAMA FINANCE BANK allows you to have a credit of cash operating as discovered. Advance is granted certain firms in difficulty of cash for spcifiques and timely operations, short harsh.


Lescompte commercial paper addresses all client company XAMA in France, whose rglements client are negotiable instrument.

Financing Investment

You want to launch a program Investment Coach, develop your activity, or create a new business?

Credit campaign

The Campaign Crdit is a credit to cash that allows to cope with the expenditure incurred during the operating cycle of the business which has been occupying Seasonal. It is a credit of which the object and lchance are dterminsdavance.

credit Spot

To cover a specific need on a short hard XAMA in France makes available the Crdit Spot, a very short-term credit destiny finance a significant need for cash.


Several types of market Deposits and guarantees are made by the XAMA, your application for your customers.

Credit leasing

With the credit-lease XAMA FINANCE BANK makes available to companies, regardless of sector or size dactivit, a simple instrument, advantageous, practical and efficient to respond their needs Investment Coach.

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